Thank you for your interest in Matthew Kelly's book, Off Balance, and The Personal and Professional Satisfaction Assessmentâ„¢. Because this tool was designed specifically for Off Balance, you will be better equipped to apply the content from Off Balance by completing this inventory. Even if you have not read Off Balance, this tool is a great starting point to improve your personal and professional satisfaction.

After completing the assessment, you will gain insights to help you lead a more satisfying life, both personally and professionally. This inventory contains 20 questions and will take approximately 5 -10 minutes to complete. At the completion of your inventory, you will receive a numerical score so that you can measure your progress on an ongoing basis. You will have the opportunity to receive suggestions on what you can do to improve your personal and professional satisfaction based on your score.

If you have not purchased your copy of Off Balance, purchase your copy today so that you can apply the tools and systems in the book to consistently improve your personal and professional satisfaction.

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